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Gustav Adolf (19.12.1878 - 15.01.1954).

Farmer in Argentinien, erlernte nach Besuch des Katharineumss zu Lübeck 1894 die Landwirtschaft auf Hohenhorst und gin 1895 zusammen mit seinem Bruder Otto nach Argentinien. Verh. 26.04.1902 mit Ana Francisca Villa geb. 24.06.1877.

Kinder aus dieser Ehe:


  1. Ovidia (geb. 1903), verh. 1924 mit Jesus Quintana. 4 Kinder.
  2. Juana (geb. 1904), verh. 1924 mit Angel Redondo. 3 Kinder
  3. Olga - Zwilling zu 2. geboren und gestorben 1904.
  4. Arturo Leopoldo (geb. 1905, gest. 1930 ?), verh mit Nelida Alejo.
  5. Elsa (Bild links)(geb. 1907), verh. 1926 mit Enrique Calve. 2 Kinder.
  6. Osvaldo Adolfo (Bild links)(geb. 1908, gest. 1952) 1 Sohn: Cesar Osvaldo (geb. 23.11.1944)
  7. Delia (Bild links)(geb. 1910)
  8. Raoul, geboren und gestorben 1911.
  9. Arnoldo, geboren und gestorben 1913.
  10. Eduardo Noel (geb. 1914)
  11. Armando Ernesto (Bild links)(geb. 1918)
  12. Elida (Bild links)(geb. 1919)
  13. Oscar Enrique (geb. 1920)



Über Gustav Adolf erhielt ich diese zusätzlichen Informationen von seiner Urgroßenkelin Paola Lanata Schwerdtfeger, die jetzt in Spanien lebt.


Hier ein Auszug aus ihrer E-Mail vom 10.09.2005:


Let me to tell you that Gustav Adolf was married with Anna Villar: Their sons and daughters were:
(the order of birth is not exact)
Gustav A.'s grandsons/daughters

Juana---------had 1 son and 2 daughters:Toto,Emilce and I don't know the third name

Delia-----------had 1 son: Roberto

Tita------------had 1 son, Oscar and 1 daughter: Alicia

Arturo (who died very young, at 25 years old)

Osvaldo-------had 1 son: Cesar

Enrique-------had 2 sons: Gustavo and Jorge

EDUARDO NOEL (MY GRANDFATHER) had 1 daughter Sara Delia (my mother) and 1 son Eduardo Adolfo (my uncle)

Tito------had children, I don't know their names.

Gustav Adolf's daughters Elsa (99 years old) and Tita (86 years old) are the only alives.
During almost all his life, he worked at fields, vast areas of earth
called "estancias" in Argentina. Then, in the old age, he lived alone in a little farm very near of my grandfather's house in Huanguelén town.
He died in Remedios de Escalada, Buenos Aires, close to his daughters in 1954 or 55 approximatelly.
I'd love very much to send to you many pictures that my mother keeps about Gustav Adolf, her grandfather, about Eduardo Noel, her dad, about all her family and about the others Gustav Adolf's descendants (uncles, aunts, cousins).
I'd love also if you would to tell me what you know about others
Schwerdtfeger's descendants in Germany and a little more about yourself and your family.
Actually I live in Spain with my husband and my 3 kids, but I was born in Argentina where we have planned to return in one year and half's time approximatelly.
Also since a few months ago my mother Sara Delia is visiting us; she came from Argentina. When I showed her in the computer the web site with her ancestors's history she couldn't believed it.
Both of us recognized immediatelly the Schwerdtfeger's crest because she keeps a picture of it. She promised me she will take over, when she come back to Argentina, to collect a lot of photographs of all Schwerdtfegers, so the Schwerdtfegers in Germany meet us. We felt very emotioned to see the web site.




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Paola Lanata Schwerdtfeger,

Urenkelin von Gustav Adolf Schwerdtfeger mit ihrem jüngsten Kind



Paola Lanata Schwerdtfeger mit ihrer Mutter Sara Delia und ihrem Ehemann